FIFA bans Hearts of Oak - This is why

The Phobians will not be able to either bring in new players or sell players unless they pay $14,002 before the winter transfer window opens.

FIFA bans Hearts of Oak - This is why
Hearts of Oak will not be able to register players for the second round of the 2023/24 season

FIFA, the world's football governing body, has slapped a transfer ban on Ghanaian club Hearts of Oak.

The ban is a result of the club's failure to meet FIFA's deadline of paying $14,002 to their former head Slavko Matic.

Matic, a 47-year-old Serbian, reported the Rainbow Club to the Swiss-based body following their refusal to honour their financial obligations to him.

The former Spartak Moscow defender was appointed as head coach of the 21-time Ghanaian champions in October 2022. However, he was chased out of the club by irate fans who were dissatisfied with the club's performance.

FIFA adjudicated the matter and ordered Hearts to pay the coach for his unlawful sacking.

However, the club failed to honour the payment and FIFA issued a transfer ban on them.

Meanwhile, the club has finished its registration for the summer transfer window and will face no difficulties. However, they will not be able to register new players and transfer players out of the club in the winter window unless they settle their debt to the trainer.